Our Head Office Building
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Green Head Office Building with Leed Gold Certificate

In 2007, we moved to an 8-storey manufacturing and office building in Şerifali and now we are gathered here to open our manufacturing and storage facilities along with the administrative building established on 7820 decare land. The first phase of our new facilities consist of 11.000m²; being 3000 m² Production, 2500 m² Storage and Delivery area, 5 meeting halls, a seminar hall for 100 people, dining hall for 100 people and other offices.

This building is the only Green Building with Leed Gold Certificate among the Mechanical Contractors and in Dudullu Organized Industrial Zone. Within this context, rain water collection and treatment system, Grey water system, Solar Energy System, Energy Automation System have been installed.

All the materials selected and used are in compliance with the Leed Gold Certificate. All these works have been carried out with the needs and comfort of our employees in mind.
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