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There should always be a goal in your life...
In the early years of Birlesim, we used to plan 5, 10, 15 years ahead, dreamt of the company’s future position, objectives and achievements. We’ve always set short and mid-term goals and challenges ahead of us. As we reached those targets, we’ve found ourselves more determined, dedicated and motivated in reaching our long term targets.

Without any life goals, you are bound to go as far as the first crossroads and get stuck.

01 February 2016
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Dear readers
I would like to share a significant development and a great achievement for Birlesim Group.

Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ICI) has recently announced the results of the Turkey’s First and Second Top 500 Industrial Enterprises Survey and we are extremely pleased to be ranked within the second 500 for our success in 2014.

15 November 2015
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